The Rise of the Cryptocurrencies

Roughly seven years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz made a proposition on an Internet forum. Hanyecz was looking for someone to send him some pizza, so he could cure his hunger pangs. In return, he offered up 10,000 units of a little-known currency called bitcoin. Hanyecz ended up getting two Papa John’s pizzas for his bitcoin payment (which at the time was…

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Financial Planning, Other

Hurricane deductibles and other exclusions can trigger large out-of-pocket bills for homeowners

Thousands of homeowners in Florida suffered hurricane damage this year, and many were surprised to learn their homeowner’s insurance policy contains a separate “hurricane deductible” that shifts responsibility for thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs to the homeowner. For those fortunate enough to not have had enough damage to file a claim, now would be an excellent time to review…

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