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Welcome! I'm Cale Flage, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional with Lowry Financial Advisors. With experience as a General Contractor & business owner, I am uniquely experienced to help you grow.

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Practice owners can surpass 401(k) contribution limits with Cash Balance plans.

Professionals (doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.) may have very high wages, but the earnings come after years of school, training, buying into a practice, and paying down student debt. Because of ...
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The Rise of the Cryptocurrencies

Roughly seven years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz made a proposition on an Internet forum. Hanyecz was looking for someone to send him some pizza, so he could cure his hunger pangs ...
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Hurricane deductibles and other exclusions can trigger large out-of-pocket bills for homeowners

Thousands of homeowners in Florida suffered hurricane damage this year, and many were surprised to learn their homeowner’s insurance policy contains a separate “hurricane deductible” that shifts responsibility for thousands ...
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Seasonal and Cyclical Revenue Declines will make Realtors Save More Money.

I have previously written that home builders and contractors need to keep more money in emergency savings than most professionals do. Several realtors and real estate agents have since contacted ...
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Combat Lifestyle Creep with Savings Creep.

Between a doctor and a school teacher, who would you expect to have more income left over for savings at the end of each month? In an alarming number of ...
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Preventing a Parent from Raiding Their Child’s College Savings.

Relatives and divorced parents often want to fund a child’s college savings account, but fear the money will be inappropriately spent by a manipulative or irresponsible parent. This post will ...
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