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Welcome! I'm Cale Flage, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional with Lowry Financial Advisors. With experience as a General Contractor & business owner, I am uniquely experienced to help you grow.

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Self-employed Real Estate Professionals, too, can have a 401(k)

Real Estate professionals who are considered self-employed may love the flexible nature of their job, but are often envious of corporate worker’s access to a 401(k) plan. Well, there is ...
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Moleskine Notebooks and the Future of Employment in an AI world.

I was watching HBO’s “Silicon Valley” a few nights ago, and I couldn’t help but notice the Moleskine notebook (bottom middle/left of the image) that Erlich Bachman swiped from the ...
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Builders should hire an advisor who understands their industry.

I recently spoke with a builder of custom luxury homes about his experience during the 2008 recession. Despite having been in business for 40 years, he was woefully unprepared to ...
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